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What do you do to me? 

The Earth asked the rain, 

Rain giggled. 

Aparna Negi


What does Diwali mean? 

Lights rule the world and the moon is jobless again!

The moon is sent on a week’s off.

Moon can now visit his mate and copulate! 



I don’t know what went wrong?
I don’t know what happened?
I don’t know what did I do?
No one talks to me,
No one wants to see me,
No one wants to hug me,
No one wants to listen to me,
To whom should I go with?
To whom should I share my emotions with?
Is it all because I am bisexual?
I am left alone.
Is there anyone in this world;
Who seem to care for me,
Then on one night,
Under a redwood tree;
While I was sleeping,
I heard a song,
My half-closed eyes searched for it;
And there I found,
The water fairies dancing and singing;
They took my hand,
And I joined them.
I know now what does laughing means?
The birds love to rest on my shoulder,
The snakes love to coil up around me,
The wind puts me to sleep,
They do not harm me.
They all love me.
They are my friends.
Nature is my only friend
On the most lovely night;
When moon glowed fully;
And a feast was enjoyed.
A wild fire came across the jungle ,
Destroying everything around.
I tried to save my friends,
But all in vain.
They were no more;
Darkness was all around,
No wind, no birds, no trees, no water fairies, no snakes.
Should I turn this land into a graveyard now?
They will destroy it too;
I’ve no faith in humanity;
Humanity does appal me.
I am orphaned again.
They promised to stay with me;
Please, come back my friends!
My heart does alone stand.
There’s no one to console me and tease me;
What will I do?
For me,
I am a questioned man, again!
And for the humankind ,
I am bisexual again.